Lotus Belle 5m Deluxe Tent

This tent is designed with luxury in mind. Round and roomy, big and beautiful. Providing extra air flow with two zip-able mesh windows and doors, plus large roof vents, this is no ordinary tent. The Outback Deluxe is perfect for glamping in all kinds of weather. Including the benefit of velcro along the perimetre of the tent to keep out any unwanted creepy crawlies, this bell tent is far more comfortable than the standard camping tent. Plus it is fully decked out with luxury household items and lounge style dressings to accommodate the most relaxing of holidays or events.

However if you’re looking for something slightly more adventurous this tent can deliver on that too and can be styled accordingly with less plush items and more camp style effects. Whatever the need this tent can deliver.

Our 5m Lotus Belle also comes with a traveller wood stove fireplace. More information on the stove can be found here.

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